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Action if credit / debit card stolen

Even if you take every precaution to prevent your credit card from being stolen or misused, it can still happen.
Below is a list of steps that you can take in order to make the after event a little less painful.

  1. Always keep a copy of you card's emergency phone number so you can contact your card issuer as soon as you are aware that the card has been stolen or misused. Furthermore, keep the number separate from your card as you do not want the phone number to be stolen with the card!
  2. Report any card theft to the police immediately. This can be inconvenient and time consuming, but it will simplify the process of getting the card issuer to refund any unauthorized use of the card.
  3. If you are travelling abroad, make yourself aware of the card issuer's procedures for dealing with stranded tourists. For example, Barclaycard will arrange emergency cash advances or replacement cards.
  4. Consider getting a card protection plan. This will allow you to cancel all cards and order replacements with one phone call, as well as other benefits such as emergency cash advances, emergency hotel bill payment and replacement travel tickets home.

The maximum liability on credit cards is usually £50 for fraudulent transaction made before the issuer is notified. Your liability is not limited if you have been grossly negligent, such as writing your PIN on the card, or if you have played a part in the fraud.

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