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This Card Number is not True!!

In recent years, we have almost all credit card and debit cards. It is for this reason that you pay by credit card and debit card almost everywhere. Naturally, by moving away from money, credit card and debit card payment facilities have increased the importance of banks today.

Due to the increasing importance of credit cards, more than one bank was in the banking sector. These cards will be able to distinguish the pos machines from each other, and knowing which bank will belong to which bank will make the payment transactions according to the bank's criteria.

For this reason, the short answer that can be given to those who will ask what the Credit Card Bin Number is is that the credit card is the card of the bank and the identification number of pos devices and the systems that are paid on the internet.

What is a Credit Card Bin Number?

The credit card is called a prefix number, also known as a bin number. These numbers are usually in the case of transactions carried out with the POS device and in case of collection from the internet almost all of us are facing.

Therefore, although it is not vital that the normal credit card user knows or doesn't know what the prefix numbers are called the credit card bin number, it will be useful to know.

Below, we have compiled the thousand numbers of the cards belonging to some of the important banks, and you can know which bank belongs to the bank.

Credit Card Generator Tool

If you want to create spefic credit card numbers you can use the links below.

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